Belux vACC

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Belux vACC

Welcome to the website of the Belgian and Luxembourg virtual air traffic organisation.
On these pages you will find info on how to become a controller within our vACC or
how to expand your knowledge and abilities to control in the Brussels FIR.

Belux vACC is a local vACC from the VATEUD (European-except UK) division of VATEUR,
which on its turn is part of the global VATSIM network.
This VATSIM network provides ATC services over the internet free of charge to pilots
connected to this network using their flight simulator.

For a full organigram, please click here

Enjoy your stay in Belux Airspace!


[23.11.14 | 1700-2100z] VATEUD Full Coverage 2014

VATEUD and VATSIM UK are pleased to announce the "VATEUD Full Coverage" event on Sunday 23rd November from 1700Z to 2100Z.

VATEUD's vACCs and VATUK are all working together to bring you a fantastic evening on VATSIM.
All countries will have a minimum of one Center/Control, Approach and Tower in each country, however you can expect much more. This means that all FIR's within Europe will have ATC coverage for at least 4 hours, something we rarely see on VATSIM.

So on sunday 23rd November up from 1700Z - the european division and VATSIM UK turns on all it's lights for you.

For charts and scenery visit the local VACC websites. Overview:


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